Shapeshift Dance 2 Winter Retreats & an Evening at the Lansdown Hall 
with Dawn Morgan assisted by Steph Hodgeson

There are 12 places available on each of these events.

Simplify Sunday 27th December 10am - Tuesday 29th December 2pm

27th 10-1, 4-6pm, 8.9.30pm

28th 10-1, 4-6pm, 8.9.30pm

29th finish at 2pm

Rebirth Tuesday 29th December 7pm -  Friday 1st January 1am

29th 7.30-9pm

30th 10-1, 4-6pm, 8.9.30pm

31st 10-1, 4-6pm, 8.30-1am

Mystery Friday 1st January 7-9pm

An invitation to move as an embodied community, working with movement, dance, writing and ritual. My intention is to create a deep sense of intimacy and togetherness whilst working within the limitations and boundaries necessary at this time. Of course, there are feelings to be expressed, as always...and perhaps even more so... there is also a deep listening, learning and transformation to be understood and integrated and great joy in life to be shared.

In the mornings we will dance, I am planning to have long lunch breaks each day so that there is plenty of time to be outside while it is light and to take time to eat and to rest. There will be a shorter afternoon session and an evening session.

Fun, supportive, resourcing & growthful.

Food included it may be possible for one or two people to stay in the hall by special arrangement, please get in touch. Otherwise this is non residential.

Safety protocols will be upheld throughout, numbers limited to 12 each dancer has their own space.

So far I have found that this format works surprisingly well.