Join us, planting trees is a wonderful activity. Swifts View Field in Stroud offers us a place to gather safely outdoors for our own and our environmental well-being. For more information about Swifts View

The next event on Swift's View is a special one including a simple ritual and mini vision quest, as well as the practical work of planting and protecting a circle of young trees. Event: A circle of 13 native Trees Date:12th December 2020 9.50am-1.30pm Go here to find out more and to book.


Trees: what we have done so far & future intentions:

So far this year we have planted over 400 trees,  mixed native hedgerow species, orchard trees, birch & oak.

Thank you to Stroud Valleys Project (SVP) 'Wild about Trees',  who are very active all over the district tree planting as well as many other 'greening' activities. SVP ran 2 hedgerow tree planting workshops for us on the land this February 2020.

Swifts View, Wild about Land, ran 2 further planting events, one to plant a sacred circle of silver birch and another celebrating international women's day to plant an avenue of oak and birch in order to fatten an existing old hedge line.

We like to add food, song and mindful movement to the planting days, making them even more nourishing & memorable.

This Winter 2020-2021 we plan to continue the new hedge line up the eastern border of the field with the help of Stroud Valleys Project and offer more community planting and tree tending events.

To Contact Swifts View, 'Wild about Land' please contact Dawn, 07894 711520, or Allison  07751027477.

To Contact Stroud Valleys Project 'Wild about Trees'  01453-753358 or pop in to the Eco-shop, at 8, Threadneedle Street, Stroud, GL51AF. Registered charity number: 900107.

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