with Dawn Morgan, Gail Bradbrook, Allison Barnett

Swifts Field has been cooking up a very special tree planting ceremony. Last year 13 of us planted a circle of 13 silver birches in a beautiful spot with views across the valleys. It was a special and memorable gathering where we connected with the land and planted our prayers and dreams with the trees. Birch symbolises new beginnings. They are pioneer trees and we planted them to initiate this sacred circle to hold the heart of this beautiful piece of land and to make more tangible our connections further afield. 

Already many community groups gathering in this special place.

We are meeting to take the next step. This time we will add a second circle of 13 trees. Each tree will be a different native species and will symbolise a place on the wheel of the year, Each of the old festivals, such as Beltane, Samhain and the Winter Solstice, will be honoured with a tree.Trees like oak, hawthorn, yew, flowering cherry, hazel & walnut will be included. 

If you feel the call please come and be part of this gathering, coming together like this strengthens and creates community, planting trees is an act of  'active hope' (Joanna Macy). The day will be a mixture of a mini vision quest and ritual combined with the practical activity of digging, planting and protecting the young trees with posts and chicken wire.


The space will be held and focused by Gail Bradbrook, Dawn Morgan & Allison Barnett


Date: 12 December 9.50am-1.30pm please be on time!

Food: We will provide delicious soup and herb tea.

Bring: Bowl, cup, cutlery & additional food/snacks that you might need.

All weather clothing, sturdy boots. Be warm and waterproof!

Gardening utensils, spade, trowel, grass cutter, hammer, wire cutters if you have them.

You might like to bring something to kneel on while planting, thick cardboard works.

You might like to bring a crystal or stone or similar, to plant under your tree.

Your prayers, dreams, practicality and good will.

A friend or family member to share the day with.

Whatever you need to be and feel covid safe.

Please park well away from the field, we need to be respectful of our neighbours and keep the area car free.

GL51PW will get you close to the field, but please park back down Summer Street and walk to Woodside, the field is a wooden gate on the left, just before the road narrows into a lane. Please look at the map included.

Call 07894711520 only in emergency

The Future 

We will offer regular gatherings and events where you can return to visit your tree.


We will limit numbers and follow covid protocols as needed. 

We are asking for a minimal  booking fee/donation £5 or more, so we know you are attending and can track numbers. Any money gathered will go towards the materials used for this and future tree planting.

It is essential that you arrive on time so we can begin together and that you are able to stay until the end.