with Dawn Morgan

A warm welcome to this heartful gathering of zoom dancers, moving together through this surprisingly effective digital portal we will dance, share and meditate with the heart. 

From 10.30-11.30am, if you can arrange to have uninterrupted time for yourself for the duration of the class this is great...but on the other hand, seeing children, friends, partners, family and even dogs joining in is also great! 

Connecting your computer to a speaker will improve sound quality.

Please keep it safe, be aware of trip hazards and furniture etc.

On zoom you have the option of having your camera on or off, I love us seeing each other and understand that at times we may choose to turn the camera off.


Please pay what you are able and what feels right, There are payment options and no one will be turned away because of a lack of funds. Those of you who can pay more please do. I trust it will all balance out.