LA2 9SA do not follow the Sat Nav!

Please make sure you have booked in advance.

Directions to Lune Valley Dance Space.Please check a map!
And do NOT follow the SAT nav, it will take you up a track that may ruin your car.

The A683 runs the length of the Lune Valley. Look for Farleton which is a small hamlet off the A683 between Claughton and Hornby.

Coming from the Lancaster direction on the A683 you go through Caton and when you get to Claughton you go through Claughton, past the Fenwick Arms pub on the left hand side and keep going. The road does a big bend and after that you turn right to Farleton. This is the tricky bit, drive over a little bridge and through Farleton, look out for, on the left there is a turn between the houses going up hill, once you turn up there it’s fairly straight forward! (if you go to far you will end up on a track not for cars).

Up the hill, through gorse bushes, pass a bungalow on the left and take the NEXT turning on the right, onto a gravely track. If you miss this one you will end up in a farm yard. 

Ok, so stay on this track and it will take you through fields, (look out for hares), when you come to the end turn right, then left onto the road that says ‘Private’, (a green sign).

When you come to the manor house, keep going across the front of it and park at the far end. Please do not park or go to the door of the manor house or walk around the front or back of the house it is a private home and for the dance classes to work here we need to keep that boundary clear.

The dance studio is at the far end and hopefully you will hear music and find where we are.
Please take your shoes off before you come into the dance studio.To find the dance studio door go to the foot of the tower and come through the large wooden door there, please close it, the wind can get strong, the door to the dance studio is on the right, off the corridor.

Toilet: as you come in through the large wooden door at the foot of the tower, immediately left is another door, go through and up some steps, in front of you is another door, go through and the toilet is on the left.

Look forward to seeing you there, take your time, set off in good time.