A Day of Dance & Movement in Stroud at the lovely Lansdown Hall!

19th September 10am - 4pm  Dancing with The Mystery- An enquiry into presence, potential & potency.

A Day of Dance, Movement, Words, Connection, Depth & Laughter.

Change has always been with us in each breath, the unknown alongside us at every step, the mystery becomes palpable when we pay attention. In these times that we were made for, we may have had to become more flexible, we may feel reduced, challenged, afraid, awakened, and all the stuff of being human. I warmly invite you to join me in a time of gathering & preparation, resourcing and appreciation. Let's dance the steps that bring us into life, that include aloness & self-connection, relationship, community and nature connection. As the mysterious wheel of the year bids farewell to summer and turns to face Autumn lets dance together and honour the mystery.


As an experiment and as a way to be truly inclusive I am inviting you to pay what you can, what feels right and what feels generous.

Usual pricing would be £40-£120 depending on what you can afford, please pay more or less than this. 

To book your place

Bank: Santander
Name: Shapeshift
Sort Code: 090666
Account: 40922402

Please reference your payment with your name and the word Mystery, eg DawnMystery. This helps me keep track.