Horse Dance Ritual

co facilitated by Dawn Oakley-Smith and Assisted by Anna Saqarra-Price

Some of you have mentioned that its not a very chirpy title! And yet grief and joy are bed-fellows, our grief is touched when something or someone really matters. It is hard to have one without the other. This is an invitation to bring what we care about, what or who is changing or leaving, what we are letting go of, to a circle of humans, to the land and to the horses. Horses are deeply resonant and emotional beings and in their presence we are supported to become congruent, present and ultimately joyful.

And to be clear my deepest sense is that this work is also for the horses. 

A recent article about the Horse Dance Ritual here, in the Sacred Hoop - ( you will need to buy the issue).

Booking for this event is not yet open. In the mean time if you havent already add yourself to my newsletter for details as they arise.