Instinct and Intuition

Just Wolves

An intimate gathering & talk on Wolves from a World Experts on Wolf Behaviour

March 24th 7-9.30pm

A special event in the Roundhouse in Stroud, address info on booking.

Shaun Ellis lived with Wolves in the wild for two and a half years, this was a total immersion without human contact. He got to know wolves from the inside out, by becoming part of their pack family. The information he generously shares about these incredible wolf-beings contradicts much of what we have been taught to think of when we imagine a wolf. Shaun's talks are exciting, inspiring and packed full of information. Together with his wife Kim, he cares for a captive wolf pack (as well as many dogs) and together they teach about wolf and dog behaviour. As well as acting as consultants in situations of wolf reintroduction, they offer advice where there is conflict between human and wolf needs. They are passionate about educating humans about how to live safely, respectfully and peacefully with wolves and their domesticated cousins our beloved dogs.

Children will have priority in bookings - and tickets are limited because of space & to create a more intimate atmosphere, where we can ask questions and learn together about the wolves, we might even get to do a bit of howling! Look at this video for practice!

Bookings are on a first come first served basis, please don't delay booking as I am pretty sure we will sell out. This is the third talk I have organised for Shaun and Kim in Stroud and the numbers have grown each time.

Adults 12 Children 6

Sold out, sorry.

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