Sweat Lodge

at the Lune Valley Movement Space

Come and help create a community sweatlodge ceremony.

Community Sweat Lodge 1 - Led by Dawn

Over our time together there will be out door work to do in co-creating and preparing the ceremony. We will also share movement time, group time, rest time and alone time in nature.

From Dawn:

I have been experiencing and offering sweat lodge ceremonies for over 20 years, the traditions I am familiar with are rooted in Native American practices, specifically the Lakota. I have been blessed to have had many beautiful teachers. During the last decade I have worked more with connecting to the traditions inspired by this land and this is where my interest now rests.

On a practical level the Sweat Lodge is like a sauna or steam bath.
However, through the use of ritual, sacred choreography and song we seek to inspire an attitude of reverence, expanded consciousness and gratitude.

This is a low cost retreat, the movement sessions are 10am-12.30pm each morning, followed by sweatlodge prep time and some evening sessions. I am charging 30 a day to cover movement sessions, lunches and basic expenses. There is no charge for the Sweat Lodge. Please bring food to share and we will cook together for the evening meals. If you are staying over night please bring your own breakfasts. There is free or low cost accommodation avaiable, everything needs to be booked and paid for in advance by July 7th.

More information can be provided please be in touch.
To cover movement sessions, lunch and basic costs 100

Community Sweat Lodge 2
- Led by Dawn and Mark Graham

Come and help create a community sweatlodge ceremony. Although there is no charge for this event bookings must be done by the 14th August. There will be work to do in co-creating the ceremony. Bring food and we will share the cooking.

A three day retreat.

  • 18th August 10am-5pm sweatlodge preparation
    evening of 18th there will be an open dance session 7.30pm - 9.30pm
  • 19th August  10am-5pm sweatlodge preparation
    evening sweatlodge
  • 20th August 10am-2pm completion


To book for sweatlodge 1 select from the appropriate dropdown menu the amount that is right from you, and click "Buy Now". Then register it will take you there, or you can the registration form below.

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To book for sweatlodge 2 simply register using the registration form below.


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