Dreaming and Dancing with Horses

with Dawn Morgan
at the Lune Valley Movement Space

25th(10am) - 29th(1pm) - August

A 5 day immersion into the language and soul of Equus.

An Elemental Journey with Dawn Oakley-Smith, Dawn Morgan and Jane Ilgenfritz & the Heartshore Herd Each day we will invite the inspiration of a different element into our dancing and dreaming with the horses; earth, fire, water, air and spirit. We will explore how every breath and every gesture, however ordinary is part of the dance of life, the horses will be our teachers and our inspiration. It is said that horses can help us to journey between this reality and the spirit world, we will explore the art of dreaming and discover how horses can catalyse our journey into the liminal realms, where we can envision that which we need to soothe and awaken our souls pathway. Despite their long history of domestication and their relationship with humans, horses always retain something of the wild. Being with horses can awaken the wild in us, connecting us to our hearts our intuitive and instinctive nature.

In the mornings we will dance and prepare for the afternoons when we will spend time with the horses, the evening will be for rest, group time, writing, poetry and integration of the day.

Day One
Earth The dance of arriving, grounding orientation, meet the Herd part one.
Day Two
Fire The dance of boundaries, the heart's desire, meet the Herd part two, connect with one of the herd.
Day Three
Water The dance of energy, interconnection & understanding, the dance of horsemanship skills.
Day Four
Air The dance of the dream, dreaming with horses, dancing with horses, ritual & ceremony.
Day Five
Spirit Dance, completion, integration, gratitude.


Food 3 meals a day 90

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Tuition/venue/admin/horses 650

Early Bird: by 1st July 550, by 20th July 575


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