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Dawn Morgan

Online Classes

This is all becoming less strange and new and I am doing my best to see the aspects of dancing on zoom that really work well. There are always things for us to learn! Please be patient with any technical hitches, we will get there! I look forward to dancing with you through this different door way of connection.


Monday Evening Class 7.30-9pm During this class we take time to check in and share in words how we are and what we are bringing to the dance. Sometimes we do this at the beginning of the session and sometimes we share at the end of the session about how the dance session was for us.

Click the link below when you want to join the class:
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Meeting ID: 835 0738 3761

If you can arrange to have uninterrupted time for yourself for the duration of the class this is great...but on the other hand, seeing children, friends, partners, family and even dogs joining in is also great! 

Connecting your computer to a speaker will improve the sound quality.

Please keep it safe, be aware of trip hazards and furniture etc.

On zoom you have the option of having your camera on or off, I love us seeing each other and understand that at times we may choose to turn the camera off.

Re payment please pay what you are able and what feels right, There are payment options and no one will be turned away because of a lack of funds. Those of you who can pay more please do. I trust it will all balance out. This is my job, it's been a bit of an uphill journey to transfer to online classes in terms of time, tech support and money, please meet me as best you can with your finance as well as your presence.

For the wednesday morning class there is a separate page to both register and join that class. I am planning to offer this class again soon.

Shapeshift Dance is a conscious dance and movement practice, evolving out of over 25 years of movement practice and teaching. I am trained in 5 Rhythms (the creative dance form designed by Gabrielle Roth) and will often offer a 5Rhythms wave informed by Somatic Movement, (I have an MA in Somatic Education) and the many other practices I have studied.






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